Six Stains Which Can Spoil Your Silk Covered Couch

Silk is the Precious Material:

Silk is more luxurious fabrics that have been treasured for their luxurious feel and beautiful finishes. Choosing silk covered couch feels you soft sheen, rich colour, and innate elegance. But any stain upon the silk couch means that any discoloration are much more visible. Silk is also very difficult to clean. The delicate fabric makes it challenging to get rid of stains without any damage. Watching TV on the couch with a plate of foods or snacks, there may be the chances oil stain upon the couch. After washing the upper covering of the couch, as far as stains go, oil stains are among the toughest. Unlike other stains, oil never rub off. The more you try for rubbing, the more embedded it seems to become. When stains happen on your couch, which is the center piece of your home, it feels pressing to get them to take proper care during Couch Cleaning. 

Upholstery Cleaning Services
Upholstery Cleaning Services

What Would Happen?

The cushions and thick material covering of the couches make it easy for odour causing. The liquids can easily soak. The silk cloth covering requires a little bit more care to clean. For the best results, as soon as you notice them, clean up spills quickly. It will help you prevent from penetrating too deeply into the couch surface. Regular washing is not good for the colour of your precious silk.

Six Stains That Destroy The Silk Covering Of The Couch:

1. Coffee and Tea: Most of us prefer to take our breakfast by sitting upon our favourite couch. There may be the chances of stains due to fall of any that contains too much oil. 

2. Stains from perfume, and deodorant: Deodorants can cause spot marks on your silk couches. The alcohol content in the perfume can damage the colour. It leaves a circular spot on your clothes. 

3. Chocolate: If you’ve found a chocolate on your beautiful silk couch, a brown mark remains. It becomes an oily spot for remaining a prolonged period. 

4. Alcohol: Alcohol stains demand immediate attention. Because alcohol stain will turn brown, when it stay for a long period on the couch. 

5. Cosmetics: There may be the chances of mark of lipsticks, nail polish or cosmetics chemicals upon your favourite couches, it spreads more as you try much to remove it.

6. Kids and pets: When milk or the pet urine is spilled upon the silk couches, a dark spot upon the couch arises. As the couch dries, there would be develop a sour odour.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning
Upholstery Dry Cleaning

To Retain the Smoothness of the Silk and its Glaze, Follow These Tips:

  • Never apply harsh chemical without testing.
  • Avoid using chlorinated laundry products and vinegar.
  • Never apply concentrated ammonia. 

Calling a Professional For Your Couch Cleaning:

Silk Fibers cannot be cleaned with household methods. So, for better results, contact Squeaky Clean UpholsterySofa Steam Cleaning Melbourne professional cleaner. So your couch can go back to looking like new, with having to call up the Squeaky Clean Upholstery professionals. Check out our blog titled Scotchgard Effective On Leather Sofas.

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Is Scotchgard Effective On Leather Sofas?

Do you wish to protect your leather sofa? Then there are multiple things which you can do for protecting your leather upholstery. The best method to protect your upholstery from the stain is using the Scotchgard on the sofas. The Scotchgard not only keep your sofa clean but it also protects it from any future damage. It is also used by the upholstery cleaning experts during the cleaning procedure and according to experts it is known to be the best protection agent and provides multiple benefits. Here are some of the reasons why Scotchgard is effective for the leather sofa. 

Leather Sofas Cleaning Service

Why Scotchgard is Effective? 

Helps To Protect the Upholstery

The Scotchgard is known to be the best protection agent and it not only protects the upholstery from stains but also forms a protective layer for the bacteria, dirt, allergens and dust particles. So, it would be the best agent for using to protect the upholstery items present in your house. 

Helps In Easy Cleaning Of the Sofa

It becomes easy for you to clean the stains as well as furniture easily without any hassle with the use of the scotch guard after the thorough Best Upholstery Cleaning Service. The Scotchgard also prevent stains as well as helps in cleaning the stain smoothly without any hassle procedure. 

Upholstery Cleaning Service

It Is Waterproof

Scotchgard is also the waterproof stain protecting agent which is applied to the fabric of the sofa. This product does not allow any type of stain to retain on the upholstery fibers. It is resistant to liquids such as water, coffee, beverage stains from the fabric and prevents it. 

It Is Easy To Use That You Can Use By Yourself

The best upholstery stain protection agent is known to be Scotchgard and is easy to use as well as can be used by any person. You can also apply the same by your own by the help of the instructions mentioned on the fabric of the sofa. You also need to cover the stained area and apply it smoothly on the area for the effective cleaning of the leather sofa. 

It Is One of the Affordable Products

The product such as Scotchgard is known to be the best product which is available in affordable and best prices. The use of the Scotchgard is known to be the cheapest way for keeping the upholstery clean and preserve the fabric of the upholstery in a good way. 

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Edge of Hiring Squeaky Clean Upholstery 

The sofa, as well as other furniture, becomes faded and dirty due to different kinds of stain. In case, if you wish to remove the stains completely from the upholstery, then you should contact Squeaky Clean Upholstery that offers best upholstery cleaning in Melbourne for removing all the contaminants from the fibers of the sofa. Thus, you can call our experts to help you with the cleaning of the fabric leather sofa of your house. Our services would impress as we work for the satisfaction of customers because their satisfaction is everything for us.

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How Do You Deodorize a Leather Couch?

Leather Sofa Cleaning Service

The leather goods are made up of animal furs; this is the reason why the leather goods contain tiny pores on it. When the leather goods are poorly maintained, it will start losing its shine and moreover, it will easily absorb the odor either it is body odor, smoke from the cigarette or kitchen or the pet odor. It can become smelly after a part of the time. Some of the commercial products are specially designed to deodorize the leather furniture without harming its appearance and quality.  

Couch Odor Removal

Even there are many amazing home remedies which will work effectively in removing the odor from the leather furniture. When the leather couch starts releasing odor it is very difficult to sit or relax on it. It is very difficult to bare the odor people can fix an appointment with the Professional Leather Couch Cleaning company and hand over the job to them. But for some people, it is very difficult to afford the expensive treatment for their Leather Upholstery Cleaning. Such people can follow the bellow effective deodorizing methods to remove the odor from the furniture.

Leather Couch Odor Removal

Steps to Remove Odor from The Leather Couch

  • Choose the cleaner that is pH balanced and apply or spray it on the leather couch. buy a product that perfectly suits your furniture. For confirming check the manufacturer’s instruction and purchase a product. After purchasing the cleaner check the label and follow the directions carefully. The deodorizing cleaners are specially designed to eliminate the dirt, virus, bacteria and other harmful pathogens from the leather couch. The pH balanced cleaners will never harm the quality and appearance of the leather couch as they contain glycerin which softness the leather.
  • You can treat the Leather Couch Dry Cleaning with the saddle soap. You can purchase the saddle soap online or nearby stores in your locality. Even you can prepare your own saddle soap through online research. Apply the soap by using a wet flannel cloth and rub the couch in a circular motion. Work until the polish is dry.
  • Finally, spray white vinegar on the couch surface. Vinegar is an effective disinfectant which will kill the bacteria that is responsible for causing odor. Wipe the excess liquid with a clean and dry cloth. Apply a thin layer of orange oil or olive oil for fresh smell.
Simple Method to Remove the Food Stains from the Couch | Squeaky Clean Upholstery – 2019

Alternate Methods to Remove Odor from the Couch

  • Try to move the couch in the room where you can comfortably open the windows and doors to allow the fresh air and light come in. because the light and air is the effective and natural deodorizer which will remove the odor effectively from the couch.
  • Mix a part of ammonia with a part of the water in a spray bottle and spray on the couch and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe the leather surface with a clean and dry towel. This will amazingly eliminate the bad odor from the leather couch.
  • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda in the leather furniture and thoroughly vacuum the surface. This is one of the best methods to eliminate odor from the furniture.

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